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's go to danella to see what kind of impacts this is having on the traffic on the beltway. danella? >>> good morning, traveling the inner loop of the beltway, you cannot access connecticut avenue. also, if you're on connecticut avenue, you cannot get on the inner loop of the beltway. a work-around for you. traveling northbound on connecticut avenue, you're going to make a right on university boulevard, then a right on georgia avenue. and you can reconnect to the beltway at this time. now, other issues, we have i-95 northbound shut down. this is at route 80 near the maryland toll house. be aware that we have a tractor-trailer fire. if you're heading out of town, heading to pennsylvania, even new york, your i-95 is shut down at this time. going to keep watching both accidents for you. traveling in the district, we had new york avenue shut down at florida avenue. that looks to be open right now. so again, if this is your commute, you're good. i'll be back in ten minutes with a look at both the accidents. over to tom. we have a lot of fog on the road. how long is this going to last? >>
not only on the beltway but south and north into baltimore on 95. on to the greenway and toll road, lingering road where and get to the beltway. follow the signs. that should be clearing out in the next 20 minutes. on 66 between centreville and the beltway. 270 is pretty clear. moving nicely to is the beltway at the american legion bridge. now back to news. >> we want to start with the details in yesterday's school shooting outside cleveland. a candlelight service planned for this evening at a church school. >> high several churches open their yesterday for those that or comfort each other. killed and four teenagerunded when a opened fire inside the cafeteria. this morning a quiet suburb cleveland that experienced trying to appeal. schools will remain closed as the community copes with a shooting at chardon high school. overnight there were prayers and tears at a vigil for the victim's. i cannot say i understand. >> this is not something we be known for. it has to stop today. >> 16-year-old danny did not survive. >> he was a good friend. >> i will miss him. >> police have a 17-yea
.m. >>> breaking news on the beltway. a deadly accident shuts down the busy highway. we'll tell you how to get around this mess as backups are starting already. >>> plus, we're watching the weather. meteorologist tom kierein says we might see our biggest snowstorm of the season this weekend. good morning to you, i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this friday, february 17, 2012. let's take a live look outside now. hard to tell what we're looking at right now, tom. it's 5:00 a.m., 41 degrees. it's the airport, thank you, kurtment kurt. i think it's the fog, this morning, i thought, am i just tired or is it really fog? >> probably foggy bottom, no doubt. it is foggy in foggy bottom of all places. maryland, lower eastern shore. here are some of the visibilities around now. past 5:00 in the morning. visibility at reagan national, .3 mile. that is the same, much of southern maryland, across virginia. it's down to zero visibility in culpeper and up bwi, too, down to zero visibility. check with the airline. there may be flight arrival delays that shouldn't cause any problems
to the beltway, clear. inside the beltway, a live look at glebe. east bound hardly any cars. traveling eastbound, great at 54 miles per hour. joe and eun, back to you. >> thank you. >>> this morning charles county public schools are warning parents about dangerous games some children are playing. one of them is called knockout or passout chag. a letter was sent home to parents after three students were taken to the hospital. the children were all holding their breath until they passed out. school officials say the kids are also taking a cinnamon challenge, eating large amounts of cinnamon. that game is making students sick. principals will speak to students this morning about the hazards of those so-called ga s games. >>> a transgendered person was stabbed last night at a metrobus stop. police chief kathy lanier says the man dressed as woman was stabbed in the head. the victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police say there were signs of a struggle but it's not clear if there was a robbery or a hate crime. >>> police discovered meth labs in popular d.c. neighborhoods
. >>> we're starting to see delays on i-95. we have slower traffic on the westside of the beltway and also, keep it in mind, the accident location is active for those of you traveling in towson on lock raven boulevard. let's get a live view of the traffic flow. still, not a problem on u.s. 29 at maryland 108. if you're making the drive on 95, after this point, it's where you'll see slower traffic making your way to the topside of the beltway. as we check the drive times, that's the only one that's not normal for this time of the morning. that's about 8 minutes there. we're good to go on the westside of the 695. that's about a 7 minute trip. over to you now. >>> jerry sandusky will be in court today. he wants the right to see his grand kids and to step outside. we're here to tell you what else he's asking for. this is a frightening encounter for a reporter. >> reporter: yeah, the reporter was nearly run over by his wife in the driveway. the reporter is standing at the end of the driveway shooting an on camera portion of the story when an suv comes speeding at her. the reporter was not hurt.
or problems. take you to to scenario, the beltway 1 in college park. from frederick into 270.omery county on traffic headed away from us is coming from clarksburg. in virginia, this is 95 in springfield. is southbound headed away from us. 7 in a little while. news. >> new this morning, one person taken to the hospital after a in noaa was the seat of aed in the back room on sixth street. the cause is under investigation. told the victim was injured but is >> following a developing story northeast. a man is fighting for his life being stabbed in ahead. the man who was dressed as a attacked a bus stop at east capitol street and sycamore road. is hospitalized in grave condition. investigators are searching for the attacker. >> a montgomery county teacher serious charges. scott spear is accused of sex with a 16-year-old. now reaction from students, neighbor.nd his i was shocked. is nice. >> students could not believe many personnel as a --dle school history teacher >> i thought it was a good guy. >> and then continue to know as coach could be accused of this. julius west ed at middl
. the beltway looks good right now at river road. no problems to report. a stalled car at the beltway gone. that is outside. and looks great. we are live in springfield. >> thank you only on seven, we're hearing from the has been from the woman who was shot and killed by a police officer. >> mladic questions and to what led into the shooting. >> she poses with her husband for the church directory photo. it will be the last one she takes. >> it is difficult. >> husband it choked back tears as he tried to piece together the final moments. >> police drove up. from there it escalated. she was shot. she was shot at the cap excl parking lot. an officer arrived in he said there was an altercation. what happened next is still unclear. the officers fired by different stocks and to the point blank range. she died on the scene. like she was on arms. the biggest thing she had on her was a curse. he said his wife was a retired cosmetologists. she spent her time making crafts for sunday school class as. neighbors are and disbelief. >> she is always been very nice. i do not know what to say. i and is rea
the beltway will travel times between richmond and baltimore. all clear on 66, 270 is a good run, and no issues out of ashburn or tysons or the greenway or the toll road and out of preston. back with more and less than 10 minutes. -- in less than 10 minutes. >> a fiery crash happened in the was the scene in which one person was hurt. 600 block of pennsylvania avenue. the driver was taken to the hospital. no word on their condition. investigators looking into whether a fire was intentionally set in southeast washington at a home on 41st street. no one was injured. >> jury selection begins today in the trial of a former university and of virginia lacrosse player accused of killing his ex-girlfriend also a lacrosse player. george huguely is charged with killing yeardley love at her apartment in may of 2020 10 in charlottesville. it's not clear if he will take the stand. the trial will last two weeks. will have complete coverage of the trial. we will have a live report on air in the next hour. >> funeral services today for murdering a community activist from alexandria. lenn
in towards the beltway. so far so good on -- 62 on 95 as you travel down towards 32. a nice start on most of the roadways. you can see where building just a bit around 140. no delays down to 95 on the southwest corner. this is the white marsh area and we're seeing a buildup in volume as you make your way down towards the beltway northeast. we will keep you posted. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a jury continues to deliberate whether lee stephens should be sentenced to death. he was found guilty of first- degree murder in a stabbing attack of a corrections officer. stevens is the first person eligible to be put to death under the new death penalty guidelines. a man will spend 50 years in prison for robbery. this happened last april on south hanover street. he admitted to stabbing the person more than eight times with a pair of knives. the judge sentenced him to life with all but 50 years suspended. a man could face up to 100 years in prison after being arrested on child pornography charges. police found more than 1000 images of child porn on several computers after searching hi
of the beltway. on the beltway, picking up on the west side, getting through catonsville and pikesville. typical delays are starting to form there. no major back ups. drive times not bad. 8 minute tons west side. 7 minutes on the topside. 95, white marsh, to the beltway, a 6-minute drive. >> update this morning on the royal farms shooting that was breaking news at 11:00. a man was shot inside the store on the corner of harford in echo dale avenue. linda so is here with information on the investigation. it's an early investigation for police. >>> they are looking for the suspects, the victim is a man in his 40s. he was shot in the chest. pewas conscious and breathing before taken to hopkins. it happened before 10:00 at the royal farms in hamilton, police say two suspects walked inside the store, announced a robbery and took cash and cigarettes from behind the counter. at some point, one of the suspects shot the victim and both ran from the store. police don't know why that victim was singled out. there were other customers and employees inside the store. after the shooting, police say a good sama
traffic in college park at the beltway where it merges with 95 coming in and out of baltimore. a quiet ride. also good on the beltway between the wilson bridge and american legion bridge. virginia side of the beltway, no issues. 95 between richmond and baltimore, uneventful. now to adam caskey. >> not a bad morning. clear skies. a little cloudy while we were sleeping, which kept temperatures up. this afternoon will look and feel like yesterday afternoon. 39 in frederick, 35 in manassas, 42 in arlington and 41 in chevy chase. we are above freezing for the most part. 30 in remington, virginia. 33 in stafford. 41 and college park. highs today will be in the mid 50's with sunshine. a beautiful day, 10 degrees above average. increasing clouds tonight. the model and we could have areas of light snow melted into the early afternoon with minor accumulations. back to us and a simpson. >>-- cynne simpson. >> police investigating two bodies found less than a mile apart and blocks from the new carrollton metro station. the first body was found in the 5300 block of 85th avenue and the second near 7
, not expecting a stimulation. -- not expecting a stimulation. -- accumulation. >> 66 outside the beltway overnight construction is complete. they will come back after 9:00 as normal. around the beltway there are few projects in tysons, near fedex field, near andrews air force base but nothing now. giving you the green light on the beltway if between the wilson bridge and the american legion bridge. back to you. >> thank you. one person was taken to the hospital with serious but non- life threatening injuries after a building fire in a quest. this started in the back room of a building on sixth street. because of the fire is still under investigation. following the latest developments in an arrest that has shocked students in montgomery county. >> a well-known teacher and coach accused of having sex with a 16-year-old girl. jummy olabanji is live in rockville with details. >> good morning. that teacher and coach scott spear was a coach at richard montgomery high school in rockville. a lot of students tell us that he was very well-liked. all of them say they are very surprised to find out
:00 this morning on the inner loop of the beltway, it was a tractor- trailer and a car that collided on the beltway causing a fiery and deadly crash. again just before 3:00 this morning. maryland state police as you can see have been on the scene along with montgomery county police as well. the investigation and cleanup will take a while. we do not have an eta as to when this will be cleared up. in the meantime i'll take you over to a map and show you what you can do to get around it. the beltway is already slowing down trying to get over to the accident scene. what you can either do is take southbound connecticut avenue to east west highway or northbound connecticut avenue to plyers mill. work your way around to georgia avenue and back on to the beltway to get around because you cannot go any further on inner loop than connecticut avenue. no access northbound connecticut to the inner loop as well. so keep that in mind for your traffic plans this morning. we're going to take you live outside right now if you're planning to head over to again connecticut avenue, this is where just beyond the acciden
's been a tough morning for maryland state police and commuters on the beltway north of town. we're going to show you some video of what happened on the inner loop of the beltway just before connecticut avenue. it was a tractor-trailer and a car involved. a fiery crash resulting in one person dead as well. that's why the investigation and cleanup is taking so long. let me show you first on a map exactly where it is and what you should expect. you see all this red on the inner loop. that's the eastbound side of 495 heading for connecticut avenue. right now the left side of the roadway is open but again you're going to have to deal with that delay. in fact, we'll go to our mdot camera right now so you can see what it looks like live on the inner loop of the beltway. moving but very slowly through bethesda. keep that in mind eastbound on 495 near connecticut avenue. now to virginia. on the northbound side of 395 also an accident in the hov lanes. right here at washington boulevard it looks like they set up cones in the area as well with crews on the scene. the right side is blocked so the ho
of minutes. >>> traffic alert now before we talk with julie. a part of the beltway is closed in montgomery county after an early morning accident. the crash between a tractor- trailer and a car happened somewhere around 3:00 a.m. we do know one person died in this accident. right now, the inner loop is closed at connecticut avenue. let's get more now with julie wright and the latest on this. >> the inner loop of the beltway remains closed at connecticut avenue at this point. again be traffic coming from 207 as you merge on to the inner loop from 355 can go no further than connecticut avenue. we do see that we do have some m-dot trucks still here at the scene. there were a number of police cars setting out flares. it is well marked for you that you will have to exit off the beltway here at connecticut avenue. at the end of the ramp at connecticut, can you turn left and go northbound on 185. or a lot of people, didn't see them doing this and i don't know why because this is a good alternative route as well. you can go southbound and continue over towards the exits there in college park. that
on the northbound lanes. heavy delays on the beltway. not bad here. we'll look at the north side in a moment. and traveling on 795 northbound. heavy traffic to the beltway. here are some of the delays. 695. that's the outer loop on the left side as you make the drive to the beltway and the top side is heavy. and 10 minutes to get from the bel air to providence road. how is it looking out there on the forecast for us? >> things are dry right now. we a couple of showers earlier this morning. and harford and things are drying out. we had a break off to the west and the south there and seeing a wintry mix. that will fizzle out closer to us due to the fact that we have temperatures above freezing and stay that way. but you can see lots of moisture back there to the west and the south. this is poised to move in as we go into the afternoon. what we have, is well. we have a day that will be on the wet side especially for the commute coming home today. for right now temperatures not so bad. 39. and let's go to charlie. >>> and places like arkansas but it looks like a hitchcock movie. dead birds all o
? > overall we feel good about starting this morning's rush our. on the beltway through tysons l thosee going to have al barrels out of the way. beltway wing you the now at colesville road. that seems to be running smoothly. we're good as far as interstate ed.vel is concern , good on 81, port route 11, i-70 and 270. on the traffic scene. o news. t >> lisa, thank you very much. >> police have stepped up patrols near georgetown university after a sexual assault near campus over the weekend. gating police are investi a separate incident at the university of maryland. a female student said she woke up inside her dorm room room to find a stranger touching her leg. georgetown junior lives on the same block where the alleged sexual assault happened. to reveal her eye dent, saying she's been worried since the crime. >> i was like, wait a second. students are also concerned where two men went around the seventh floor trying doorknobs to see if they were unlocked. >> they definitely tried to open the door, but the door was locked. police say the man found an unlocked door and was about to steal a com
on the beltway as you can see all the green right now which means no major problems and most of your construction zones have been cleared up. coming in from frederick severing fine. we'll take a live look outside right now. in the heart of bethesda here at old georgetown road in arlington. you can see nobody is there. we'll go back over to the maps and this time to the quay and route 50, both incident free inside the beltway. looks grade in from annapolis. -- great in from annapolis. as you head on the inner loop past andrews air force base. all lanes are open. mike and understand drey a? -- and andrea? >>> it started with a deadly shooting. one person, jordan howl, was -- howell, was killed. >>> the worst, however, happened after howe's funeral when four people mourning him were shot to death as well. five men charged in this case will go on trial today. wow, this is amazing delia. >> reporter: you know those five men were all arrested soon after the shooting. police say that was vital to stop this kind of retaliatory try shooting from happening in southeast washington. the men will be tried tog
the spring weather. >> we will embrace life and dance as if no one were watching. southbound 5 at the beltway police getting where the somebody of hit a utility pole. i will call them back to see if they are on the scene. so stick around. a live picture of 270, stated. looks good in virginia on 66 and 95. now to adam caskey. >> in the belfort furniture weather center on this morning we have action on the radar screen and it's going to be an active day with wind thunderstorms, springlike temperatures and a little muggy air outside. there's light rain northwest of the washington area. upper montgomery county, frederick county, according winchester, panhandle of west virginia and western maryland for the morning. and partly cloudy. 40's to near 50 right now. 72 this afternoon. mid 70's farther south of the metro later on today especially in fredericksburg. and fredericksburg thunderstorms between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. and some storms could become severe especially in southern maryland and the northern neck of virginia and through the middle peninsula towards tidewater. some storms could contai
. uneventful start on 270. good run on the beltway from the mormon temple and at the american legion bridge. now to adam caskey. >> tracking conditions this morning. not a bad start to the day. normally it we would be around freezing. currently near 40 degrees. 42 in the district and at dulles airport, 39 anat gaithersburg. mid 50's this afternoon. low 50's especially northwest of town. increasing clouds tonight in advance of the next system that will bring areas of light rain tomorrow. just a few scattered showers not a big deal. that's around midday and afternoon especially. low 50's tomorrow. up to 1/4 inch or third of an inch by tomorrow night. seven-day forecast coming up. >> starting a 48-hour morning -- mourning period in alexandria to remember a fallen firefighter. joshua weissman died of duty. friends and co-workers and family members will gather to pay tribute. jummy olabanji has more. >> good morning. emergency calls will go on as they are needed. there will be other firefighters and paramedics from other localities around alexandria who be filling in gaps so that joshua weissm
to give yourself extra time this morning. travel speeds on 395 from the beltway to the 14 street bridge, you're at 61 miles an hour and it looks like the trip is taking you 12 minutes. southbound, a look at falls road. driving a little slow. no major delays. definitely no major accidents as you connect onto the beltway. back to you. >>> today u.s. attorney general eric holder will testify before the congressional committee about the failure to stop the gun smuggling, called fast and furious. it comes day after the department reject add question by the chairman of the committee to release key documents. the chairman, dan issa, has threatened holder if the documents are not released, claiming it would be evidence that the justice department is engaged a cover-up. >>> the u.s. could end its combat in afghanistan by the end of next year. defense secretary leon panetta hopes to shift training. he also said u.s. and nato forces begin to plan a final phase of afghan security control by mid next year. at the same time, reports out of london say the taliban backed by pakistan plan to retake cont
exiting on to the beltway. traffic is moving well here. you have your usual slow spots. manassas to centreville 50 to 123. but here i think everything is going to be fine over on the beltway and 66. we'll go over to the maps. green all around. a little bit of slow traffic trying to get into downtown over the bridges here. but otherwise inside the beltway things are looking great on 395 and 66 moving at or above the speed limit this morning. let's take a live look again outside. if you're planning to head to the 14th street bridge it's bunching up across the river. when you're in downtown, you'll be okay. this time over route 50, the john hanson highway out of laurel. no problems to report. we'll take a live look across the chesapeake bay bridge and into annapolis. everything is looking good. coming up in my next report, we'll go to the west side of town at 6:12. >> thank you, monika. >>> after a bit of a break the presidential primaries resume today. polls open at 7:00 in michigan and then a few hours later in arizona. >> michigan is going to be a close one. rit mom -- mitt romne
at this time. if you're traveling on the inner loop of the beltway, connecting to i-270 northbound at the spur. you can see these cars are jammed. we had a serious accident involving three vehicles including a tractor-trailer. right now the crews are working but your delays are significant. if you're traveling the inner loop of the beltway and you want to get on i-270, if i were you, i'd loop around and come on the outer loop and connect northbound to i-270. bus right now they're getting on i-270 with no problems. you can see this inner loop here. significant backup. chopper 4 is flying high over the accident. and you can see police and fire department are on the scene here. i'm going to watch this for you all morning long. this is i-270 northbound from the inner loop to the beltway. you are jammed as all the lanes are blocked. >> thanks so much for that update. >>> newt gingrich's white house bid will get a bit of a boost today. donald trump is expected to endorse the republican candidate. he'll reportedly announce that support in las vegas. gingrich is campaigning there ahead of saturday's c
know, in terms of the weather, it's not affecting traffic as of yet. the beltway looks great. you had a couple of construction spots around town but right now everything looks fine around town. let's go over to the north side if you're planning to head on the beltway, there are no problems to report between college park and bethesda. we'll take a live look at the american legion bridge on the west side of town. looking great here. no problems to report between bethesda and tyson's corner, all construction pretty much picked up on 66 at route 50. we'll go back over to the maps and this time, to the vw parkway and lute 50 if -- route 50. if you're coming in from manassas you will be okay through the east corridor and on the south side of town, no problems coming up from southern maryland on to the beltway at route 4 for us. still down to oxon hill and the wilson bridge. coming up in my next report, we'll go into virginia at 5:10. back to you guys. >>> thank you monika. today maryland is one step closer to making same sex marriage legal. the senate passed a bill in a close vote last nigh
to the beltway. let's go live to captain roy at skyteam 11 and this is a problem. this is the beltway where it meets 95, an accident taking up to its right lanes. it is causing a big deal late in that area. i believe it it is in the outer loop. this is just coming into us. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> thank you. an ultimatum is in the works for the syrian president. the united states and other nations will likely announce a cease-fire and relief into areas hardest hit by the government crackdown. more than 5000 people have been killed. crews are working to put off this massive fire in galveston, texas. an explosion triggered a fire involving two fuel tanks. the fire has been contained. nobody was hurt. no plea from a man accused of leaking classified information. bradley manning did not say whether he wants to be tried by military jury or a judge. he faces 22 counts including theft and fraud. another court session is scheduled for march 15. >> a pair of baltimore lawyers is taking not facebook over privacy issues. william murphy and peter angelos have filed lawsuits in califor
by the storm system on sunday. question is, how much? >> a crash on the beltway in montgomery county on the inner loop between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. you must exit onto connecticut avenue. back to you. >> thank you. >>we start with breaking news. a child in critical condition and another is stable after a house fire in district heights. >> john gonzalez is on the scene with what he has learned so far. good morning. >> good morning. the fire is finally out. fire investigators are sifting through this and unit -- end unit. when fire officials arrived early this morning they found a family outside but a 3-year-old girl was still trapped inside her second-floor bedroom. with the house engulfed in flames, they were able to get to her through the bedroom window. they rushed her to a hospital where she is in critical condition. the adult residents were able to rescue a 9-year-old boy from the home before firefighters arrived. he was suffering from smoke inhalation and is in serious but stable condition in hospital. it's firefighters made a quick rescue of that child from the
goodaltimore and it looks through fredericksburg. no worries as far as the beltway between the wilson bridge and 95.ikea, green light in springfield, tysons, to and from american legion bridge. 270.y good along green lights on 66, travel times in our favor between and the beltway. no problems on the dulles greenway or the dulles toll road. a live picture will crosses over 8 in this picture. mass-transit on normal service. news. >> we begin with the journey home for a single whitney houston. her body arrived in new jersey hours after being flown to los angeles by private jet. a vehicleorted carrying the body to a funeral home. investigators are providing more insight into the death investigation. jummy olabanji is in the newsroom with latest. whitney houston's body was flown new jersey aboard perry'srector tyler private jet. say it will be official cause named, but fans are getting ready to give her a good buy. lined the new hope church, the place where decades ago people first heard under her gift.ard >> aretha franklin remembered her goddaughter whitney houston. i will always love via ♪
between dale city and the beltway. also good on the maryland side. the beltway at new hampshire avenue in this picture, moving at speed. newschopper 7 in a little while. now to news. >> a busy night for an investigation in prince george's county. try to piece together the events leading to a deadly crash at kfc restaurant. >> it happens in landover on martin luther king highway. witnesses had to say about this terrific crash. >> it knocked down air pumpsi and everythingairt took up the bushes and went all way over to the restaurant and turned into a ball of metal. >> it started 6:30 monday night? . >> when he did occur, he went immediately airborne, flip over and slid and tires and axles and everything. the crashed all the windows out of the restaurant. >> the damage, unimaginable. >> i had never seen anything like that before. >> unfortunate results. >> someone trapped under the car. >> the driver of a bmw lost control while speeding down if martin luther king jr. highway in landover. authorities say the vehicle plowed into a car parked at the restaurant. >> it had to be doing 100 m
morning, everybody. the beltway all green all around the washington metropolitan area. same story if you're coming in from the west on the dulles toll road all the way from leesburg through ashburn and as you head toward the beltway, you're going to be fine. no problems 066 from haymarket. you may hit a few brake lights in the centreville area but really that's it. we'll take a live look on the west side of town here at the american legion bridge and again things are looking great between bethesda and tysons corner. no problems on the inner or outer loop of the beltway here. let's go back to the map and this time to the south side of town in virginia on northbound side of i-95 coming up from the occoquan river to springfield. we'll take a live look there where all lanes are open and volumes are still relatively light. we'll take a live look at 395 at the 14th street bridge looking good into downtown. more on maryland roadways next time around at 5:09. >> thanks, monika. >>> there may be a different type of occupy protest. this one in northern virginia. >> that's where teachers are trying
. they still have the right lane closed and there's no delay. on the beltway in virginia newschopper 7 is headed toward an accident at 50 arlington boulevard on the enemy outside. they should-- on the inner loop side. here's what we found that falls road on 270 headlights are southbound. >> well into the 50's yesterday wednesday we were in the low 70's. today, closer to where we stood before this time of year. 33 and shepherdstown, a 32 in berkeley springs this morning up 32 in manchester, 36 in arlington. staff for an actor freezing mark. at least we are closer to where we should be. total sunshine today. -- stafford at the freezing mark this morning. we could have areas of light rain with a wintry mix especially by sunday morning. we will keep a close eye on that and will have updates accordingly. >> thank you. if looking in the day ahead. an illegal immigrants learned his punishment for killing a prince william county none. carlos montano faces 70 years in prison when he is sentence. he was convicted of felony murder in october. the 24-year-old was driving drunk when he hit and kill
. no delays north of child street. traveling around the beltway right now, outer loop side of 695 starting to see a pocket of slowing starting to develop there. that's before you reach liberty road on the outer loop side. and continuing southbound through catonsville you will tap the brakes traveling below posted speeds now back over to you. >>> a contract dispute with unions has police lieutenants and sergeants concerd p public safety. for more let's go over to abc2 news sherrie johnson. >> reporter: charley, if the county and union can't reach a agreement they could move to arbitration. police lieutenants and sergeants say the half a million people who live in their are in jeopardy. union says the population has grown by more than 50,000 people over the past ten years, the number of officers is actually down by one. we talked to community leaders because police lieutenants and sergeants are banned from doing so while the contract is being negotiated withan arundel county. with anne arundel county. >> they expressed to the neighborhood and other people they want to have more officers on t
're traveling the beltway, an early look. volume light around the area. this is the beltway making your way past route 50. outer loop speeds look good. from 495 to 95 at 61 miles per hour. montgomery county nice. very light volume. live look at new hampshire avenue. commuting in virginia same story no issues at all, inner loop speeds good as well. 56 miles per hour. from the interchange to the dulles toll road. that trip will take you 14 minutes. back to you. >>> 4:33. breaking news in the philippines. a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit in the central part of the country. at least five people are dead and 29 are missing. the quake destroyed buildings and created land slides and buried dozens of houses trapping residents and triggered a brief san antonio any alert. >>> d.c. police are on the hunt for a man who robbed a chinatown restaurant. it happened in the 400 block of 7th street northwest. a man wearing a ski mask entered and robbed but did not appear that he was carrying a gun. no word on what the suspect made off with. >>> the gop presidential hopefuls are quickly looking ahead now after yet a
in the beltway. we did i will be posting a blog later. >> there is a fatal crash. as a result 495 east is coming from to 70 heading toward the close. all traffic passed to exit at connecticut avenue going outside the beltway to university boulevard or inside the beltway down before 10 and taking alternate routes. if you can avoid the beltway and so they're able to get traffic through, that would be most helpful to your commute. in the outer loop, everything is open. we will bring up a camera. outer loop is moving. the inner loop is not. no one is able to get through for an undetermined amount of time. we do have unit on the scene. we will bring you live pictures very soon. stick around. >> thank you. we start with more breaking news. two children have been hurt in a house fire in maryland. this started before 2:00 this morning in the 61 -- 6100 block. a three year-old girl is in critical condition. a nine year old boy is in stable condition. we are not sure what started the fire. we do have a crew on the scene. we will get more of dates. >> we're also following a growing number of robberies in t
's a good sign. if you're taking the beltway, volume's very light. issue-free at this time. here's the beltway on connecticut avenue. making your way through montgomery county from i-95 to 270 you're at 50 miles an hour, that trip taking only ten minutes. a live look in virginia at gw parkway. you're traveling without issue. wonderful thing. making your way to the dulles toll road to the interchange, you're at 59 miles an hour, only take 13g minutes to make that trip. >>> republican white house hoping mitt romney will be in town this evening along with bob mcdonald. mcdonnell endorsed romney for president last month. romney, meanwhile, says he's getting ready for an extended fight. the former massachusetts governor just lost three primary battles to former senator rick santorum. he says he still expects to be the republican nominee but concedes there will be some states he will not win in the coming months. this week's primary wins are translating into big bucks for santorum. he says he's raised about $400,000 over the last few days including a quarter of a million dollar since h
-270. that trip taking ten minutes at this time. taking the beltway in virginia, a nice ride for you. this is the ride at van dorn street. inner loop speed making its way from the inner loop to van dorn. you're at 58 miles an here and that trip takes only six minutes. i'm back in ten with another look at traffic. back to you. >>> after much debate, congress has agreed to an extension of the payroll tax cut and jobless benefits for millions. the deal reached late last night continues a two percentage point cut in the social security pay troll tax through the oenld f the year and extended unemployment benefits, allowing people to continue up to 99 weeks of pay. both the house and senator are expected to vote on the bill tomorrow before taking a week off for presidents' day. >>> a top story. the country is ready to resume talks with other countries about its nuclear program. in a letter to the european union they wrote iran is willing to discuss its nuclear program but only if other countries allow iran to continue enriching uranium. meanwhile the western world is considering tough new
. if you're taking the beltway, not seeing any issues for you so far. a live look at connecticut avenue traveling the inner loop and outer loop, no accidents at this time. 58 miles per hour on the outer loop, only taking ten minutes to get from i-95 to i-270. taking the beltway from virginia, same story. a look at van dorn. great speed. making your way, you're at 60 miles an hour. this trip taking you only six minutes. now back to you. >>> breaking news right now. at least 35 people are dead from seshlg bombings and shootings in iraq. the worst attack was a car bomb killing nine people andi injurig 26 more. gunmen also killed eight policemen at security checkpoints. investigators believe the attacks were coordinated and targeted at police. >>> there was an accident at a bus term nachlt women and children were issued in the car bomb, which officials say was loaded with nearly 100 pounds of explosives. >>> the tone is getting testier in the race for the gop presidential nomination. mitt romney and rick santorum took place on the stage. romney went after santorum for his voting record when
word of one accident that i want to tell you about on the inner loop of the beltway here at route 50. sky 9 is looking for it as we speak. it could be on the ramp from route 50 to the inner loop or on the beltway itself. we'll keep you posted on that situation on the beltway west side of the town. we'll take you over to a map and i'll just give you some perspective of where it is right here. we'll keep you posted. 66 is slowing down. manassas in centreville. a little bit here at the beltway but no big deal 066 itself. we'll -- deal on 66 itself. we'll go over to 270. route 121 slowing down a bit at route 80. here it's fine down to germantown and the point where the lanes divide. we'll update you on the situation at route 50 at the beltway at 6:11. back to you. >> thanks, monika. >>> supporters of planned parenthood are rallying around the group after it was revealed that komen for the cure is going to cut off nearly $700,000 in funding. >> but the founder of komen is fighting back and finally talking about the decision. >> delia goncalves is live with more on the story that has a lot
's take a look at the beltway on the north side of town. no problems to report as you head on the beltway. on 395 what they were doing was zooming into an accident on the northbound side of 395 at king street. it was sitting on the shoulder. if you saw the flashing lights there and delays begin at seminary road, that's ddot moving the camera around to check out the situation with the delays and that accident. on the north side of town no problems to report. the beltway is looking fine. inbound 66 looking good insides the beltway to the roosevelt bridge moving at or above the speed limb. we'll take another look -- speed limit. we'll take another look around the area at 6:11. >>> the results are in from the republican presidential primaries and it's two big wins for mitt romney. he easily won the arizona primary. while the results in michigan may have been closer than he had hoped. romney captured 41% of vote in his home state. rick santorum was not far behind with just under 38% and ron paul finished in third. >>> while in arizona it was a much larger margin ever victory for romney. newt g
maps and take a look overall. you have tons of green all around the beltway. a little bit of yellow here as you head into the district. we're going into zoom into frederick. no problems on i-70 out of damascus on 270. looking great into germantown. we'll take a live look closer to falls just bumping up here as you head down to the point where the lanes divide but really not that bad. we'll go back to the map and this time to the south side of town here on 95. looking great crossing the occoquan river into springfield. bunching up right in this area. we'll take a live look at 395 at duke street. again not bad at all through landmark toward seminary road and the 14 rght vote bridge -- 14th street bridge. more at 6:12. >>> a bizarre car crash turns deadly in prince george's county. a bmw goes sailing through the air and then slams into a fast food restaurant. >> one person died in this crash. it all began last night at the kfc on martin luther king, jr. highway at sheriff road in landover. delia goncalves is there live with the latest on the investigation. what do we know? >> reporter:
too bad around town. the beltway's great. we're going to take a look at an accident here on the inbound side of new york avenue. it's at 9th street at the bridge there blocking the left lane. and it is slowing things down for you going about 30 miles an hour from bladensburg road heading over to 9th street right now. no problems through cheverly. in fact a look at route 50. coming in from annapolis this morning, it is nice and light all the way to the beltway. just keep that accident in mind in northeast. we'll go back to the maps and this time over to virginia on the northbound side of 95. it's been incident-free. it is a bit slow from newington into spring fields. a live look there where you'll see just the volume building trying to exit to the beltway or continue north to 395. a live picture northbound 395 at duke street. still not looking too bad through landmark. more on area roadways once again at 6:11. >>> maryland is poised to become the eighth state in the nation to allow same sex marriages. >> the state senate voted 254622 last night less than a week after the h
of the beltway in the tyson's corner later tonight. all lanes of 495 will be closed. crews will be setting a 250-ton steel girder. construction should be wrapped up by 7:00 tomorrow morning. the bridge girder being placed will be part of the express lanes ramp from the beltway on to leesburg pike. the express lanes project is on schedule and will be completed late this year. >>> 5:07 is our time now. we have 41 degrees out there. the threat of war is apparently growing this morning. why some believe an attack on iran could be imminent. >>> winter arrived, at least in other parts of the country. the trouble travelers are facing as snow pounds the midwest. >>> no snow here, >>> welcome back at 5:10. 40 degrees out there. a cold start to your friday morning. it looks like february finally decided that it is winter. and that is belongs in the winter category. >> let's go to tom kierein now to see what our forecast calls for for the rest of the day and the weekend. >> find your winter gear, down near freezing in montgomery, fairfax county, prince george's county mid 30s. near 40 in the district of co
. as you can see, the beltway is looking fine all around town. we're going to zoom into 270 as you come in from frederick and urbana all the way down to the point where the lanes divide. the lanes are open but you see this yellow here. that means it's slow. once you reach 121 it pretty much looks like this until you hit the point where the lanes divide. a little slow there as well. we'll go back over to the maps and this time to the other side of town all the way here in odenton where work continues in the investigation of an overnight accident southbound on route 3 at rydell. wasn't to work your way around that investigation. it did involve one fatality. let's take a live look outside at the beltway. pennsylvania avenue. all the major corridors trying to come up from southern maryland to the beltway look good. we'll wind a live look northbound on i-95 here in springfield. overall delays in woodbridge, then lorton to this point at the beltway. coming up in my next report, another look around the area in a few minutes. in the meantime, back to you. >>> in that shot we can see that the la
on this friday morning. a deadly crash has closed the inner loop of the beltway just after connecticut avenue. the accident happened around 3:00 this morning. we know a tractor-trailer and car were involved in this crash. let's get the impact from julie wright. she has the latest on the roadways out there. >> all right, you guys. you are right. the inner loop is shut down. that is my trip into work as the inner loop of the beltway is closed off at connecticut avenue. we don't see any traffic at all here. i noticed a lot of people were coming off the ramp staying to the left to go back north on connecticut avenue trying to work their way back over to university boulevard or what have you. some people can go southbound on connecticut avenue, pick up 410, the east-west highway. use that as an alternative route as well. outer loop, lanes are open. no problems to report leaving college park to 270. >> thank you. >>> meanwhile, we are following some breaking news this morning out of forestville, maryland. a toddler is in the hospital clinging to life after getting caught in a house fire. this happe
on the beltway. no delays out there. everything running smoothly on all your major roadways. there is a live look outside at the top side of the beltway. there is 70 at 29. remember wjz 13 is always on so for traffic information log on. back over to you. >> thank you. here is what people are still talking about today. the case of road rage that led to a stabbing and more, now only here you will hear the calls of help from drivers who saw the whole thing taking place. andrea fujii is live with them. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this all started with a fight at a red light and ended in a dangerous crash. now we are hearing from witnesses to the attack. >> -- respond for a stabbing route 3 north and watts apple road. >> reporter: drivers watch in horror as road ridge spirals out of control. >> -- driver stabbed -- >> -- the one that got stabbed -- >> -- okay, what is going on? >> there has been a stabbing and a car accident. >> witnesses say the driver of this suv, who hat just gotten married, got into a a confrontation with a passenger in this pt cruiser. the victim and his bride were
. the beltway is looking great. it's incident free so is 66. you just got a few brake lights now as you head in from manassas to centreville. here's northbound 95 as you head up northbound 95, you're going to find those delays down at quantico, prince william parkway to route 1. a live look in springfield on the northbound side of 95, it's slowing down just a bit here as you leave 644 to the beltway and a last look at 395 here at duke street. still looking great through landmark to the 14th street bridge. in my next report, we'll take a peek into maryland at 6:11. >>> after nearly four months park police are now enforcing the no sleeping rules among protesters downtown. you saw the beginning of that enforcement live with us right here saturday morning. >> and they are not letting up since then. it's happening in for places n. mcpherson square we had that live with you saturday morning and then bobs away at freedom -- then blocks away at freedom plaza. delia goncalves has more on these to protests. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. one crackdown but two very different responses. as you
into montgomery county on the beltway, 58 miles per hour. only taking ten minutes to get from i-270 to i-95. traveling the beltway in virginia, nice and clear. a live look at van dorn, no issues on the inner loop and outer loop. inner loop speeds 5 miles per hour as you -- 58 miles per hour as you make your trip. only taking 14 minutes. back to you. >> danella, thank you very much. good morning to you. >>> a developing story. a suicide car bomber killed nine people in afghanistan. the protests continue against the burning of korans at american military base. it happened at the jalalabad airport. six people were wounded in the attack. attacks across the country have killed more than 30 people over the past week as members of the taliban claimed responsibility for the deadly bombings and the shootings. >>> this morning in decision 2012, campaign protection. rick santorum is expected to get secret service today. administration officials say agents will join him in grand rapids, michigan. mitt romney also has secret service protection, and newt gingrich has requested the security detail. secret
. good on the beltway. a nice run through springfield and the beltway. good on the green way. the toll road is 66. more details on traffic. >> thank you. we are not expected to see a ton this know from today storm. officials still are not taking chances. we were in the air. you road cribbs-- you can see road crews. they will monitor road temperatures and add more salt as needed. we invite you to stay with abc 7 for the latest on the storm. he can find weather conditions any time by heading to our web site >> turning to vote 2012 or rick santorum delivered a stinging blow to mitt romney. he won the caucuses in colorado and minnesota and a nonbinding primary in misery. it raises doubt that romney can win over conservative voters. >> he made it a clean sweep. he may have breathed new life into his push for the gop nomination for the presuming -- missouri primary. >> i am not the conservative alternative. i stand there to be the conservative alternative to barack obama. >> he used his victory speech to unload on president obama who he said is not listening to the american people.
with details on that coming up in a moment. >> first, breaking news on the beltway this morning. jummy olabanji is live in chevy chase. she joins us with details. >> good morning. we can tell you that right now the only lanes shutdown are right past the accident scene. i will step out of the way so you can see. the two inside lanes on the interloper -- inner loop arrows are directing drivers to get over to the two left lanes. just before 3:00 this morning there was an accident between two cars. one of the cars caught fire and crews responded to the scene. we can tell you that there's one fatality to report this morning. we do not know who that person is whether it was a male or female or whether it was a passenger or driver. there's been one fatality. right after the accident happened, at one time all lanes were closed as police began to investigate the crash. two left lanes are open past the scene of the crash. we will hopefully have confirmation you coming up later at 6:30. for now reporting from 495 jummy olabanji. >> let's check in with lisa baden to see what else is happening on the roads
the beltway to the 14th street bridge. green light on the george washington parkway, moving very nicely. and and the beltway in maryland looks good at university boulevard. back to you. >> thank you. 6:20, 37 degrees in bethesda. >> singing the blues at the white house. who the first family will welcome a the next concert series. you are watching "good morning washington." >> ♪ finally i can see your crystal clear ♪ >> singer adele's sweep helped the grammy awards surged to its second-highest ratings ever. the largest audience since michael jackson took the award in 1984. president obama will be singing the blues next week. this has nothing to do with his campaign or poll numbers. >> it is listening to the blues. next tuesday's concert performance of the white house. ms. jagger, b.b. king, and jeff beck celebrating blow's music and black history month. the event will be streamed live on the white rose website and broadcast later in the week on pbs. still another half-hour are ahead. >> what led to the rest of the lululemon killer, video. >> discussion gongaware for public war on fri
pace. 270 all the way down through gaithersburg onto the beltway at connecticut avenue, as moves toward the american legion bridge and the other side of the beltway is in good shape at andrews air force base. we will give you the green light along for 95 through springfield, tyson's, no worries inside the district right now. >> temperatures are little chilly outside the not as cold as yesterday. >> the super bowl did not bring out the best in marion barry. some harsh words for the redskins' owner about the team not being in the game. >> brady's wife is not holding back. she is stirring up some controvers [ sponge ] this season's new beauty trend? hands that feel soft and silky smooth! ooh...she's got the look. what's her secret? the gloves? dawn? i don't believe it. [ male announcer ] it's a dishwashing sensation... dawn hand renewal with olay beauty. it contains revitalizing proteins to help smooth skin on hands -- improving their look and feel in just five uses. [ sponge ] soft, smooth... fabulous! you're quite the trendsetter. [ male announcer ] dawn does more... [
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